Capsule shower head - Rose Gold (Rose gold hose * 1 + jig * 1 + Gel ball * 3)







Our capsule showerhead features a unique and innovative “enhanced water pressure structure,” in which the physical attributes of the showerhead are utilized to strengthen its water flow mechanics. The said mechanics is described as follows:
First, a section of the handle is made narrower to increase water pressure before water is directed to the circular water discharge outlet.
Second, at the water discharge outlet, the water is spun to boost its pressure, prompting the aroma gel-ball to release nutrients such as collagens that enhance skin moisture, reduce water loss in the strata cornea, promote skin tenderness, and create soft and flexible hair.
In addition, transparent spherical covers and a water discharge design featuring zero water discharge plates are used instead of common stainless steel etched materials. Moreover, a high-class Tritan plastic material (an environmentally friendly plastic material) that passed U.S. FDA certification is utilized, producing a transparent, shockproof (shatterproof), heat resistant, and recyclable product.
Also, an integrated (i.e., all in one piece) product water discharge design is developed. Furthermore, a minute water discharge hole design is adopted to concentrate water, effectively conserving household water use, breaking the structure of water molecules to allow friction with air (to create negative anions), giving birth to clean and moist skin that rivals that enjoyed after a spa, and removing all dirty substances found in our users’ bodies and hair.
Our capsule showerhead is equipped with an aroma gel-ball that can be quickly changed,and the transparent cover design enables users to immediately determine whether the aroma gel-ball is to be replaced.Our capsule showerhead is made completely from non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials to prevent our users from absorbing a substantial amount of plasticizers resulting from hot water breaking down plastic components. Such a design makes showering safe, healthy, and comfortable, and provides our users with a refreshing experience that cannot be replicated using traditional showerheads.